Shatta Wale is cool with Sarkodie behind the scenes, let’s ignore his rants it’s just for showbiz – O’BKAY mocks

After Sarkodie won the maiden Best International Flow Award at  the BET Awards, many celebrities took to social media to congratulate him except the self acclaimed  dancehall king, Shatta Wale.


Shatta Wale in a recent interview on Good evening Ghana on Metro Tv has claimed that congratulating Sarkodie for winning an award won’t put money in his pocket, further giving acceptance to the seeming tensions between their respective camps


O’BKAY with a celebrity interview with Central Music Awards 2019 Best Pesenter Nominees, Amansan Krakye of radio Central fame in Cape Coast has downplayed what may be seemed a flaw between Sarkodie and Shatta Wale.


” Oh yes it is true that most celebrities have  sent congratulations to Sarkodie but Shatta Wale doesn’t need to put his congratulatory message across socialmedia to show his harmony with Sarkodie and he also said we all have a way of doing  things.

He went further to tone down what people comprehend as a growing beef between the two superstars.

”Dont be too excited but some of these things are just for cameras, behind the scenes they are cool but showbiz sometimes demands certain kind of advertising which keeps the brand alive and applicable”.


Amansan Krakye asked what impact has Sarkodie featuring him on Biibi Ba has brought to his career : O’BKAY said ” In every interview I do I always make it known how forever grateful I am to Sarkodie for featuring me on Biibi Ba, it has been a breakthrough for me.

”At the moment I was in a legal battle with my former record label which almost brought my career to a standstill. Sarkodie was my saviour to have rescued me from those dark junctures”.


O’BKAY formerly known as Sir Tino. Who once anticipated in MTN Hitmaker contest was one of the new product of artists Sarkodie promoted on the Biibi Ba Hip-Hop song. He has recently released a song ”God Sent” featuring Twitch