Hahaha, Shatta Wale Is Just Funny! Check out His New Nigerian Name And Why He Says He Is A Nigerian

Guys, Shatta Wale is undoubtedly one of the funniest musicians in Ghana or probably Africa, and has proved that on several occasions.

Shatta Wale in a tweet exhibited his funny side again, though he sounded serious about what he was saying.

The dance hall king said, his Nigerian name is Shatta Ike Chwuku Wale and he is also a Nigerian.

He made this statement in regards to the recent, issue of FDA ban on Ghana celebrities from endorsing alcoholic beverages and therefore making the loose contract with Adonko bitters to Nigerians.

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According to him he is also a Nigerian so Adonko bitters can sign him too and then revealed his newly acquired Nigerian name, Shatta Ike Chwuku Wale.

Watch tweet below;