The Internet Be Doing The Most Chai! – Check Out The New Emoji For “B.J” (PHOTO)

Adding an emoji to a text is a way making one feel exactly how you feel especially when you  feel the words are not enough to let the other person at the receiving end get exactly how you feeling.

Therefore emojis are part of effective communication especially during text messages and text chats which is actually part of us of late.

Recently, google announced adding more emojis to the already existing ones to make the text and chat life more interesting, fun and effective.

In view of this, quite a strange emoji is speculated to be part of this new emojis. A photo circulating on social media suggests there will be an emoji for “BJ”.

In the photo, you can see the emoji which is often used to represent the male sex organ, in the mouth of a normal face emoji.

Watch photo below;