‘Just Caution Them A Bit Don’t Take Over Their Homes, Don’t Be A Home Wrecker – Monalisa Stephen Advises Side Chicks

Nigerian social media sensation Monalisa Stephen has advised side chicks not to be home wreckers but just caution married women.

According to her, no matter what men will cheat therefore their wives should stop fighting the side chicks in public disgracing themselves and the side chick.

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she wrote “This is a very emotional act for me because at some point I felt the pains and the trouble women go through in their marriages or relationships! .
.Dear women, no matter what you do, a man that will Cheat will cheat, But be Sure that you did your best! Dress well, Be clean , Be Kind and supportive and if your best is not enough, Leave , Don’t die there because you are scared of Public Opinion, Remember no one will be with you in the Grave . Stop fighting your Husband side chics, that’s Assault. .

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Dear Men, God Created you First and took a rib from you to make us. You’re supposed to be our All in all, father, mother , sister , friend, mentor, Everything . So please Treat your wives right, Some women got issues yeah I know, But Pls be more patience and more caring and Respect Your wife/woman. Take good care of them , don’t turn them to something Else . You can do better 🙏

Dear Side Chics/ Side Guys Hmmmm It’s actually not your fault, But just Caution them a bit don’t take over their homes, Don’t be a home Wrecker. You’re doing well🙌🏻❤️ Celebrating Women’s Day❤️

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