Medikal Chose Fella Because Men Don’t Like Uncovered Food – Social Media User Claims

Today the attention seeking celebrity couples Fella Makafui and Medikal finally tied the knot in a traditional marriage.

Well this time round it wasn’t a publicity stunt but rather a real marriage as they are now husband and wife.

As photos and videos circulate on social media a lot of people have been reacting and congratulating the newest couple in town.

But one thing which really got our attention was someone’s comment about the reason why Medikal chose Fella over any other lady.

According to the social media user, men don’t like women who expose themselves a lot but rather they love those with a good parental up-bring which Fella Makafui has.

Medikal chose to marry Fella Makafui beacause of her good up-bringing and character according to the social media user.

screenshot below;