Is Dumsor Back? – This Could Be The Possible Reason For The Recent Power Outages In The Country

The Electricity Company of Ghana, ECG has been backlashed for the recent power outages as some are of the view that Dumsor is back.

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For some time now, the lights of the good people of Ghana has not been on consistently which has caused many to think the Dumsor is back.

People are angry and stressed out due to the unexpected and frequent outages for long hours which is directly affecting productivity and income.

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But with all these, the appropriate authorities had not come out to address this important issue which made customers to continue to backlash them and wanting to know if dumsor is back.

Finally, the ECG has come out to address the issue through a press statement released yesterday detailing why Ghanaians are experiencing this unbearable situation.

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According to the press release, the recent power outages is due to a fault at GRIDCO, the main supplier of electricity power in the country.

press release below;