This Is Why The ‘Hair In A Bible’ Myth Is Believed To Be A Cure For Coronavirus By Some Ghanaians

There has been a new trend where, people find a hair in their bibles and believe it is a cure for for the coronavirus.

The president of Ghana as part measures to curb the recent global crisis, that is the fight against the coronavirus, declared a day for Fasting and Prayers.

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It was after this event that the ‘hair in a bible’ trend began and is believed to be a cure for the corornavirus pandemic in Ghana.

Per a voice note circulating on social media, an unknown man was heard narrating how this whole trend began.

According to him, after the fasting and prayers, a young boy collapsed and when they were about to pour water on him, the boy began to speak which according to the people gathered, was God speaking through him.

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The young boy said God had listened to our prayers and due to that has given a cure to us and gave specific instructions on how to make the cure work.

He said, everybody should look through their bibles and will find a piece of hair which they should put it in water and drink.

After doing this, if one has the disease he will be healed and if you don’t have it you will never contract it.

video below;