Prophet Nigel Gaise Shock Ghanaians With His Dumbest Reason Why He Always Prophesies Doom

Finally Ghanaians seem to have an idea about why some men of God always chase clout with their doom prophecies about the country and some popular people.

Almost every 31st night these pastors make noise with their doom prophecies but never see or say anything positive to anyone or about the country.

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One of these fame seekers prophet Nigel Gaise has revealed why he always gives doom or negative prophecies to celebrities especially.

Speaking in a recent interview with Berla Mundi of TV3, he said he always gives doom prophecies because the Ghanaian media community thrives on negative news.

According to him, anytime he give positive prophecy no one listen to him therefore to get the attention of Ghanaians he has to give negative or doom prophecies.

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Adding that, though he also gets positive revelations from God he goes with the negative ones because that is what Ghanaians will pay attention to.

He said “The media thrives on negative prophecies. If you tell the positive ones, nobody listens. That is why we like to tell the negative ones.”