Praye Tietia Makes Others Jealous As He Enjoys His Local Dish After Sweeping The House

Musician Praye Tietia has teased his critics as he enjoys some local dished served him his wife Selly Galley after helping with the house chores.

A video of the musician sweeping while his wife relax and sip her tea went viral with a lot of people reading so many meaning into it.

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Today another video of the musician served with a huge earthenware loaded with local food as a reward for helping with the house chores has hit the net.

As the saying goes, who ever laughs last laughs best, and now Praye Tietia is enjoying his meal while he teases those who laughed at him when he was sweeping.

He therefore advised married men to be helping with the house chores and enjoy just like he’s enjoying.

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video below;