Photos: Chorkor Beach filled to the fullest as residents defy Lockdown directives as they chill on Easter Sunday

This was as if this section of the world had utterly forgotten about any threats, or a potential pandemic, as they trooped the beach to amuse themselves in their numbers.

People of Chorkor, a suburb of Accra, defied the lockdown orders of the President to cool off at the beach on Easter Sunday, April 12, 2020.

Hundreds of people living in the popular coastal area were out in the afternoon to cool it off swimming in the sea, unperturbed Ghana’s growing coronavirus cases.

While the elderly fishermen were busy mending their nets, a number of people; mostly children and youth were busy making the Easter festivities merry and celebrating.

When Ghanaweb’s lenses caught up with these persons, most of them could be seen engaging in various activities including swimming, football, acrobatics display, etc. whiles others just sat on the white sand and others stood afar to observes activities at the beach.

However, some of the fishmongers were busily going about their regular business activities, buying cartons of fishes from fishermen who had arrived at the shore.

Businesses were thriving even for many squatting vendors who offered food to the citizens who thronged the beach to spend their Easter Sunday.

Given the lack of police visibility in the area, a reporter from Ghanaweb noticed the road was empty but the beach was filled with tourists.

Watch the video below;