Screenshot: Criss Waddle and Medikal To Feed 500 People Amid Lockdown Extension

Ghanaian AMG rappers Medikal And Criss Waddle plan to feed five hundred more people after Ghana’s government has no choice but to expand the lockout to one day.

Ghana’s government has agreed to stretch the two weeks of partial lockdown to a further week in order to curtail the transmission of the virus.

Notwithstanding the reality that this extension would be a huge concern for many who regularly have to hustle or work to help and care for their families.

The government can not necessarily subject the same less fortunate citizens in the country to some sort of social interaction that may allow them to become contaminated someone who might have the virus without really realizing they have it.

Despite this, Medikal and his manager, Criss Waddle, have agreed to provide support for another 500 less fortunate individuals.

I have often helped during the first two weeks to alleviate the burden on parents or guardians who experience difficulties caring for their families supplying them with some of the things I required to battle this epidemic.

Here is what Criss Waddle wrote on his Facebook page “Most people prepared for the 2 weeks lockdown, the one-week extension the president is for our own good, however, most people aren’t prepared for that…Medikal, Myself and the Team have decided to feed 500 people regardless if they love AMG or NOT.