DKB happy as he applauds Shatta Wale for coming out with the Virtual Concert idea

After hosting an online concert for his followers in Ghana and around the world, Ghanaian comedian DKB praised Ghanaian dancehall singer Shatta Wale.

Held for his fans around the world, the interactive concert called “FAITH CONCERT” was televised live on YouTube and Facebook for his followers to get a glimpse of him during the lockdown of Greater Accra and Greater Kumasi.

The Ministry of Education released the GH COVID-19 Tracker mobile application yesterday after the concert, and it was also kept online emulating Shatta Wale, who was the first to ever to put up the idea of a virtual concert in Ghana and Sub-Saharan Africa.

According to DKB, authorities that have always tried to sideline Shatta Wale whose ideas have always had a positive impact in the music industry and the MoI concert of yesterday was no exception.

Several companies, like corporate and government organizations, also decided to follow suit after the show.

Taking to social media to react after the concert, DKB wrote; “Imagine how our showbiz industry will progress if only we listen to the boy Shatta wale(shatta movement) & what he does, but no, we claim he likes insulting…This #FaithConcert concept the Gov’t is emulating wasn’t it from the same insulting guy? Smh…Listen to the message, not the messenger”.