WATCH – Burna Boy ‘Sells’ Nigeria To American Rapper P. Diddy

Burna Boy had a talk with US celebrity and business mogul P. Diddy on Instagram where he bluntly told him that Nigerians are hurting and that this lockdown is a piece of bad news for his men.

Burna Boy told the owner of Bad Boy Records that Nigerians live literally from hand to mouth as their conversation during coronavirus focused more on life and all that.

He spat this out after he was asked the rapper what is going down his country in this lockdown process.

Here’s what Burna boy told Rapper P. Diddy in the chat:

“Reporting live from Lagos. We are on lockdown in Nigeria just like anyone else. But the difference is that here we are locked down without any benefits or relief packages.

It’s like everybody … especially our minorities … they eat from hand to hand. [Before now] it’s like we work today, eat today and take care of ourselves tomorrow and now we’re in this mess.

We are only trying to make things easier for those around us in whatever way we can even if it’s not our work. We ain’t the government.

Watch the full video below during the chat;