‘Yoruba Guys Talk Too Much & Are Noisy’ – Ronke Tiamiyu

Ronke Tiamiyu, a Nigerian celebrity, created a controversy online playing tribal cards when responding to the explanation of why she didn’t have a good relationship.

The former Miss Charismatic disclosed that Yoruba guys are really noisy because one guy from that tribe displayed the characteristic which subsequently pissed her off and crashed her relationship in only two months.

She made this known on Snapchat and said:

I know well that Yoruba boys speak talk too much, no offence. I dated an Igbo boy in that same Lagos for 2 years plus and nobody hears am, just a few of his close friends, the Yoruba boy I dated after him under a week, the relationship was the talk of the town.

I was shaken cos me I was still forming coded, as we both agreed to keep it on d low, he told everyone that cared to know and the relationship did not even last for 2 months, not being tribalistic but damn, some Yoruba boys talk way more than women