5 Facts About Sarkodie And Tracy’s Relationship You Have Never Thought Of

Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie and his wife Tracy, have the most beautiful and longest relationship in the music industry.

A lot of people admire their relationship from afar and undoubtedly is the most admired celebrity relationship in the showbiz industry in a whole.

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But just like any other relationship, the two have not had it easy at all, and Tracy Sarkcess has shared some of their difficult experiences and some fun facts about their relationship.

Below is a list of 5 facts about their relationship people never thought of or imagined.

  • What Made Sarkodie Choose Tracy – According to Tracy, Sarkodie always told her she was his dream girl and liked her from afar which had nothing sexual attached to it

  • Tracy’s Parent Didn’t Accept Sarkodie At The Begining – Tracy disclosed how difficult it was for his parents to accept Sarkodie because she was a university girl and Sarkodie was a rapper and they had a perception about rappers being womanizers.

  • Sarkodie Was Certain About Marrying Tracy From The Onset – Sarkodie from the word go, told Tracy he was going to marry her but she didn’t believe because they were young.

  • How Sarkodie And Tracy Met – Sarkodie and Tracy apparently met at Tema Comm. 9 where they grew up together in the same hood.

  • They Both Chose Each Other – Tracy and Sarkodie just chose each other, because both felt the same way and it was genuine with a lot of understanding.