Is Barcelona Really Negotiating For Neymar or Martinez?

Its been speculated on a lot of sports sites and other circular sites that Fc Barcelona is negotiating for the PSG star, Neymar Jnr and the Inter Milan youngster, Lautaro Martinez respectively. But according to the La Liga president Javier Tebas, none of the speculations are true as captured Adca Conecta forum on Friday.

He said Barcelona is focused mostly on when the season can resume as opposed for new acquisitions. According to him, there will be swap deal on a short future terms but not transfers as it is not a high priority for European clubs presently.


Javier Tebas said Neymar and Martinez or not of priority on the list of Barcelona presently.

He also admitted the fact that the duo are on the top flight and are big but Barcelona is not in the capacity to make those signings.

And in my own point of view i think Barcelona is not ready to sign these two stars because of position conflict. Lautaro Martinez is the Inter Milan’s forward who wears the number 10 jersey and Neymar Jnr, the PSG star is also the team’s forward who wears the number 10 jersey whereas Barcelona’s talisman Lionel Messi on the other hand also wears the record holding number 10 jersey.

No matter Lautaro Martinez’s impact and influence in Inter Milan he cannot fit into the shoes of Messi when he is being signed to the Nou Camp. He is just 22 year old and has a lot of playing years ahead of him so he should be where he is and shine at that corner.

Neymar  Jnr also had a great playing days with Messi and Suarez but decided to move on the Ligue 1’s giant for the reason best known to him on a record signing. He has given value for money since he joined PSG. I think he should extend his contract and play a little longer for PSG. He is also 28 years and has got better days ahead of him to achieve more.


what will be your advice to these two stars should Barcelona decide to sign them? Keep your comments coming.