What You Need To Know About Having Flat Tummy

This medical advise is brought to you Mr. Mawuli Kovey,

A Public Health Practioner.

Obesity is a disorder involving excessive body fat that increases the risk of health problems. Obesity often results from taking in more calories than what the body burns.

If you consume high amounts of energy foods, particularly fat and sugars, but do not burn off, much of the surplus energy will be stored the body as fat. Eating less calories than what the body metabolize leads to weight loss.

Everyone has some belly fat, even people who have flat abs and that’s normal.

There are many reasons why people gain belly fat, including poor diet, eating of junk foods, consuming a lot alcoholic beverages, lack of exercise and stress.

Some of the fat is right under the skin. Other fat is deeper inside, around the heartlungsliver, and other organs. It’s that deeper fat — called “visceral” fat — that may be the bigger problem, even for thin people.

Deep Belly Fat

Some amount of visceral fat is needed to provides cushioning around the organs.

Its the too much of visceral fat that is likely to give high blood pressuretype 2 diabetesheart disease,  dementia, and certain cancers, including breast cancer and colon cancer.

Improving nutrition, increasing activity, reducing stress, and making other lifestyle changes can help people lose unwanted belly fat. Burning down build up fat in the abdomen takes much time and persistence.

It makes people fall for all kinds of products. Some of these products in the long run causes a lot of kidney issues and other health problems. Achieving a task need consistences and perseverance.

Mr. Mawuli Kovey

(A Public Health Practitioner)