GHS Reveals: Ghana’s COVID-19 Is At Community Transmission Stage, 88% Of Confirmed Cases Are With No Travel History

Ghana recorded it first 2 cases on 12 March 2020 which was imported from Norway and Turkey.As at 2nd April 2020, the total confirmed case was 204 and as at 2 May 2020, the records have shot up to 2169 confirmed cases.

March and April confirmed cases shows No Travel History of 57.1% and History of Travel 42.9% .The data as at 2 May 2020 shows 88% are with No Travel History and 12 % are with travel History.

In a pace of Two (2) Month, the data above is showing how fast the virus is transmitting from person to person.Its high time one obliged to the Social Distancing directives the government.

Some people with the virus show no symptoms and therefore still mingle among the community.

Until they begin to show signs and symptoms before they rush to the hospital and then they might have transmitted it to other people.

The disease spread from person to person through small droplets from the nose or mouth when a person with COVID-19 coughs or exhales.

Its easily enters the body with the help of the hand when a droplet is been touched and transmitted when we touch the nose or mouth.

Regular hand washing under running water or regular hand sanitizing can remove the virus and keep us safe .