Is Jackie Appiah Trying To Say Her Fans Control Her Life As She Claims They Don’t Like It When She’s Touched Romantically

Ghanaian actress Jackie Appiah has revealed that her fans have shown how protective they are towards her as she claims they don’t like it when she’s touched romantically.

The actress in an IG live with former CNN anchor Isha Sesay revealed that her fans get really worried and angry when she’s been touched romantically in a movie.

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She said she got to realized this when she was shooting a movie scene that she was supposed to kiss and one of her fans told the guy not to touch her.

She said “I noticed my fans don’t like it when I’m being touched on screen. There was one time I was in a studio and there was a kissing scene and the guy was like don’t touch her don’t her…they are very protective of me,

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Adding that she personally doesn’t act scenes in which she will go naked. Is Jackie trying to say her fans decide for her and if they give their consent she will allow herself to be touched romantically?