Sista Afia And Freda Rhymz Attack Each Other On TV3 Premises – And This Might Be The Reason (Video)

A new dimension has been set to the beef between Sista Afia and Freda Rhymz as they now attack each other physically in public.

A video online shows the two trying to fight each other on the premises of TV3 but was separated some men before they damage each other face.

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The reason why they are fighting isn’t known yet but from all indications, one might have provoked the other hence, attacking each other.

Guess no one imagined they could take their beef to the level of attacking each other physically after doing it in their diss songs and on social media.

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Well another video of Sista Afia threatening to deal with Freda Rhymz surface the net and people are quizzing whether that is the reason why they attacked each other.

video below;