Sister Derbie Blasts Fella For Using Bad English To Diss Her, Says Her Bad English Might Lead To Her Divorce

The Sister Derbie and Fella Makafui fight keep getting hotter and hotter from time to time as they keep dissing and throwing shots at each other.

Sister Derbie, few hours ago tweeted she had missed her sweet ex’s uncle Obama, which Medikal reacted to, telling her it might be risky.

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Following this, Fella came out to reply both tweets and told Medikal he made a good choice forgetting that old woman. She tweeted, “Is make a good choice. Forgetting that old woman”

Sister Derbie replying Fella Makafui’s shade also used the first part of her tweet to hit hard at her, telling Fella, her bad English might lead to her divorce, because obviously, “Is make a good choice” is not a good English.

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