Lady In Dilemma As Her Boyfriend Is Yet To Return After Engaging Her Since 2008

A lady in her thirties(30s) who have been waiting patiently for her so long fiancee who promised her marriage. The relationship has been ongoing for the past 15 years ever since they were young.

They were together for sometime before the guy got the opportunity to travel outside. Before he will embark on his journey, he intends to promise the girlfriend in order to keep the love going in a distance relationship.

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He then gave her a promise ring to show the love he has for her. As the future shows bright and promising, the joy of the girl made her accept the promise ring in 2008.

She accepted the ring and also accepted all the promises that were made during the period of departure. Been faithful to the boyfriend, she has the ring on till now.

Now things are getting worse day in day out as she doesn’t know what to do. Many guys have come her way but because of the promise she had with the boyfriend, she still wants to keep the promise faithful.

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She has not broken up which will allow her to move on in life. Various advice had been given that has put her in a dilemma.

screenshots below;