Meet Hajura The Mother Of Quardriplets Who Is Considered As A Taboo In Her Community And Is Forced To Beg

Culture is dynamic yet some tribes refuse to accept changes. Hajura, a young girl in her late twenties has been blessed with 4 bouncing babies in her first round of childbirth.

The mother of quadruple babies has been tagged as a taboo in her community for having 4 babies at a time. The culture forbids husbands to take care women who give birth to more than a single child in one birth.

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They believe that it’s the duty of strangers to sympathize with the mothers and give donations to support the well-being of the children.

Whilst others see it as a blessing, other cultures see it as a taboo. The survival of the quadruple babies becomes the burden of Hajura who is not allowed to even work. Quadruple babies are blessing in disguise yet it becomes a burden to others.

While other people pray for just one to save their family or marriage, others have more than one which has become a taboo to them.

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Since Hajura is not allowed to involve in any productive activity, she then has to always show the babies to the public for support in order to survive to feed the 6-month-old quadruple babies.

The survival of the quadruple babies depends on the donations that comes from sympathizer. Even though it’s a taboo to some people, it should be a blessing to others.

Culture is dynamic and the current 21-century people need to change in order to see things differently.

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