Zionfelix Didn’t Snatch My Girl – Yemi Baba, Ex of Zion’s Girl Try To Defend Him

Blogger, Yemi Baba has tried to defend his colleague Zionfelix over girlfriend snatching allegation though it didn’t go down well for many.

Sometime back, comedienne Afia Shwarzenegger claimed Zionfelix snatched Yemi Baba’s girl, Minalyn Touch who happens to be a make up artiste.

The accusation raised a lot of discussions and caused a lot reactions ever since that information came to light. In a recent interview the two clashed on air but Yemi Baba tried to defend his colleage.

His submission wasn’t satisfactory as many felt there was more to what he was saying because he kept beating around the bush and kept going round and round.

video below;