Efia Odo Shut A Fan Down With Money For Saying Shatta Wale Has Used Her Tonga

Shatta Wale’s bestie and social media influencer Efia Odo has totally shut a fan down who was claiming she was hyping Shatta Wale because he had chopped her.

Since Efia Odo and Shatta Wale came out to say they are besties, many have assumed then the two are actually chopping each other because of how the term bestie is seen over here.

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Yesterday the two spent the whole day together and when Efia Odo was about leaving Shatta Wale dashed her bundles of cash which got her hyped and started applauding Shatta Wale on social media.

This action By Efia Odo is what got the fan saying she was hyping Efia Odo because Shatta had chopped her. Efia Odo shut the fan down By asking for his mobile money number and also telling him he talks too much. This is a typical Efia Odo reply since he is known to be the no nonsense type.

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