Nigerian Protesters Being Gun Down By Soldiers – Video

Sad news reaching us confirms Nigerian soldiers have opened fire on protesters for not going obeying the curfew. The Nigerian Youth have been protesting for some time now, fighting for their rights to better governance and security, but after the government couldn’t take any longer, they put a curfew on the people hoping they leave … Read more

(Video) ‘Mummy I Will Be Back’ – Last Of Words Pretty Lady, Benedicta Gaffah’s Friend Who Died In An Accident To Her Mum

The sad demise of Esther, a very beautiful lady who died in a fatal car accident has heart many including her best friend, Benedicta Gaffah who can’t control herself. Benedicta Gaffah mourning her friend shared a video where she had finished praying with her mum and was telling her she knows she is going to … Read more