(Video) The Moment APlus Introduced Abena Korkor As His Girlfriend After Making Peace

Abena Korkor and Kwame APlus have been at loggerheads for sometime now but it seems all will be put in the past now. Their fight and feud which started after one of Abena Korkor’s outburst, has been made to die off as the two have finally made peace. A video sighted online shows how the … Read more

It’s All About Love – Abena Korkor And APlus Finally Make Peace

Mental health activist Abena Korkor and Social commentator APlus have finally smoked the Peace Pipe. The two over these few weeks have battled out each other from throwing shades to insulting each other. It all began when Abena Korkor mentioned APlus’s name to be someone who was plotting evil to one of his politician friends. … Read more