Meet The Cute Grand-daughter Of Afia Schwarzenegger, Nhyira – Daughter Of Her Son John

Afia Schwarzenegger shared a video of a cute bagirl claiming she’s her daughter and a blogger has dropped the secret behind that saying the cute bagirl is her granddaughter rather. According to the blogger, the girl Afia Schwarzenegger claims is her daughter is the daughter of his twin son John and that makes … Read more

Afia Schwarzenegger Confesses To Having Mental Issue – Says She’s Taking Her Issue To Shrines (Video)

Comedienne Afia Schwarzenegger has confessed to having a mental issue as she claims her case with Chairman Wontumi will be taken to every shrine starting with Nogokpo. Afia Schwarzenegger speaking on Okay FM said she’s mad and on medications hence people should allow her and speak about her case with Chairman Wontumi and Lawyer Maurice … Read more

Delay Gives It Hot To Diamond Appiah And Afia Schwarzenegger As She Hails Andy – Video

Media personality Delay has given it hot to Diamond Appiah and Afia Schwarzenegger as she shades them for growing older than their age while she hails Andy for looking young. Delay in her intro to today’s show hailed Andy for looking young despite the fact that he’s getting to 50yrs while she shades Diamond Appiah … Read more

Man No Be God – Afia Schwarzenegger Shades As She Finally Gets The Chance To Travel Back (Video)

Comedienne Afia Schwarzenegger has shaded those who were mocking her for not getting the chance to travel back to Ghana a few days ago as she finally gets the chance to travel back. Afia Schwarzenegger became a laughingstock when a video of her pleading that she hasn’t done anything wrong after missing the chance to … Read more

Afia Schwarzenegger Stylishly Reminds Nana Addo Of Her Father’s Burial Money – Video

Afia Schwarzenegger has stylishly reminded Nana Addo of her father’s burial money saying she’s still waiting for his own share of the money he will give as support to the burial. Afia Schwarzenegger seems to have cashed out really well during her father’s burial based on the names she mentioned to thank them and in … Read more

I’m Not Moved Or Disturbed By It – Afia Schwarzenegger’s Son James Reacts To Allegations Of Being G@y

Afia Schwarzenegger’s son James has reacted to allegations of being gay claiming he’s not moved or disturbed it because whatever is said whoever is not something he is so why stress himself. According to James, he’s straight and likes women but he’s addressing this gay issue because a lot of people are asking … Read more

Nana Tonardo Exp0ses Afia Schwarzenegger And Son – Claims James Is G@y (Video)

Nana Tonardo has exposed Afia Schwarzenegger and her son James claiming her son is gay asking her to go and advise her son if she wants to advise someone and not him. Nana Tonardo explained that he stopped being friends with Afia Schwarzenegger because she was badmouthing him to people close to him and has … Read more

I Will Party The Day I Hear Mzbel Is Dead – Afia Schwarzenegger Says, Claims She Hates Her With Passion

In an internet video, Afia Schwarzenegger claims that she despises her old friend Mzbel and that she will rejoice having a party the day she learns she is dead. Mzbel and Afia Schwarzenegger used to be extremely good friends, but things didn’t work out, and they’ve been shading one other directly and indirectly ever … Read more

I’m Far Better Than Your Mother – Afia Schwarzenegger Insults Chris Vincent (Video)

Afia Schwarzenegger has insulted Chris Vincent for writing about someone she married (Abrokwah) saying she’s a better woman than his wife and mother and better than him in her useless state. Afia Schwarzenegger turns to be violent if you write anything about her ex-husband Abrokwah and this time around has insulted the innocent wife and … Read more

Afia Schwarzenegger Change Her Story Claiming Chief Of Staff Never Gave Her Any Money – Video

Comedienne Afia Schwarzenegger has changed her story of receiving 50,000 from the Chief of Staff claiming she never received any money from her as claimed earlier after the backlash. Afia Schwarzenegger appreciating those who supported her financially said the Chief of Staff gave her 50,000 cedis and that got her dragged which she came out … Read more

Afia Schwarzenegger Teases As She Shows Off The ‘Profit’ She Made From Her Father’s Burial (Video)

Comedienne Afia Schwarzenegger has added insult to the injury of those calling her out over money made during her father’s burial showing off the ‘profit’ she made out of it to tease them. The way Afia Schwarzenegger was so interested in money given her or the financial support she was getting for her father’s … Read more

Chief Of Staff Allegedly Denies Giving Afia Schwarzenegger 50,000 For Her Father’s Burial – Video

The Chief of Staff has allegedly denied giving Afia Schwarzenegger Ghc50,000 for her father’s burial after she was backlashed for misusing the state fund when we are crying for money. Loudmouth Afia Schwarzenegger appreciating those who supported her during her father’s burial claimed the chief of staff gave her a whooping Ghc50,000 and even flew … Read more

Your Brain Is Like Coins – Lady Slams Afia Schwarzenegger For Mocking Mzbel, Says Her Father Didn’t Train Her Well (Video)

A lady has slammed Afia Schwarzenegger for being senseless praising Ashantis just to spite or mock Mzbel when she insulted them in the past saying her father didn’t train her well. Afia Schwarzenegger some time ago insulted Ashantis that it was really bad but today she’s praising them for coming out for her father’s … Read more

Is Empress Gifty Making Fun Of Afia Schwarzenegger Because Her Expectations Weren’t Met? – Video

A video of Empress Gifty laughing and making fun of Afia Schwarzenegger with her term ‘dada damoase’ has hit the net and we wonder if she’s doing that because her expectations weren’t met after all the bragging. Afia Schwarzenegger had made a lot of noise before her father’s burial and Empress Gifty had the opportunity … Read more

Afia Schwarzenegger’s ‘Rejected’ Daughter In-law Spotted Having Fun With Her Son At Her Father’s Funeral (Video)

A video of the ‘rejected’ daughter-in-law of Afia Schwarzenegger having fun with her son at her father’s funeral has hit the net and we wonder if she has now accepted her back or the boy ignored her warnings. Afia Schwarzenegger tried separating her son and his girlfriend saying none of them will date Ghanaian ladies … Read more

Train Your Kids Well – Lady Calls Out Afia Schwarzenegger And Her Kids For Disrespecting Them Over Funeral Food (Video)

A lady has called out Afia Schwarzenegger and her kids for disrespecting them over funeral food asking whether they’re there to cry or look for food to eat and water to drink. According to the lady, people were thirsty and hungry at the burial of Afia Schwarzenegger’s father, and when she was contacted about that … Read more

The Moment Afia Schwarzenegger Slapped A Guy Who Tried Picking Money At Her Father’s Funeral

A video of how comedienne Afia Schwarzenegger slapped a guy who tried picking money sprayed on her at her father’s funeral and it’s very disappointing of her to do that. Afia Schwarzenegger had been claiming on social media that she has been given enough money for her father’s funeral but seeing her slap someone who … Read more

Afia Schwar’s Daughter Pena Ready To Fight Russia – Says They Have To Pass Through Her First To Get To Ukraine (Video)

Afia Schwarzenegger’s daughter Pena is all set to fight Russia for invading Ukraine saying they have to pass through her first if they want to fight Ukraine as she shows off her martial art. The young girl seems to have learned a lot about martial art as she was seen displaying some moves while saying … Read more

Afia Schwarzenegger Mocks Mzbel – Wears Oversize Shoe To Make Fun Of Her – Video

Comedienne Afia Schwarzenegger has once again made fun of Mzbel wearing an oversize shoe to claim she borrowed the shoe she wore to her father’s farewell ceremony yesterday. Mzbel and Afia Schwarzenegger have been shading each other though it all started with the comedienne making fun of her late father and yesterday she gave … Read more