Fella Makafui Revisits Acting Career For Those Who Miss Her Yolo Days (video)

Yolo actress and entrepreneur Fella Makafui has given her fans memories once again about her good Yolo days. Fella was definitely one of the stars that rose from the hit series Yolo, which happened to be a continuation of the popular Things We Do For Love back in the 2000s. However after the end of … Read more

Fella Makafui And Medikal Romantically Sing Together In The Studio, Assumed To Be A Shade To Sister Derbie

Yolo actress Fella Makafui and her spouse Medikal have hit the studio once again as they romantically sing together. The two are known to be the most controversial and interesting couple in the country as almost everything they do find its way of getting into the news. read also: Wendy Shay Serving It Hot And Spicy, … Read more

Fella Makafui Reveals The Secrets Of How To Glow Differently Without Using Any Product Or Medicine

Actress cum entrepreneur Mrs. precious Frimpong popularly known as Fella Makafui has revealed the secrets of how to glow differently without using any medicine or product. According to her, there are some few steps one needs to take in life and that person will glow differently without neccessarily using medicine or any product. READ ALSO: If … Read more

You Don’t Need To Offend People Before They Hate, Even Pictures You Post Annoy Them – Fella Makafui Throws Shades Once Again

Yolo actress, Fella Makafui has once again thrown another a shade in the air as she shakes more tables in new post. Fella Makafui took to her Instagram page to throw this shade, talking about how people will hate you even if you don’t offend them. read also: Rev Obofour Praises Kennedy Agyapong And Calls Him … Read more

Sister Derbie Blasts Fella For Using Bad English To Diss Her, Says Her Bad English Might Lead To Her Divorce

The Sister Derbie and Fella Makafui fight keep getting hotter and hotter from time to time as they keep dissing and throwing shots at each other. Sister Derbie, few hours ago tweeted she had missed her sweet ex’s uncle Obama, which Medikal reacted to, telling her it might be risky. read also: Bullet Confesses Mixing Business … Read more

You Chose Right, Forgetting That Old Woman – Fella Hits Hard At Sister Derbie Over ‘Miss You’ Post To Medikal –

Actress Fella Makafui has gone hard on Sister Derbie for making a post about missing Medikal’s Uncle Obama. Sister Derbie in an earlier tweet said she had missed her sweet ex’s uncle obama, which caused Medikal to reply saying what said might be too risky. read also: Medikal Gives Sister Derbie A ‘Risky’ Reply For Saying … Read more

Fella Makafui Joins Twitter User To Troll Her Husband Medikal For Claiming Karma Is A Beach

Actress and entrepreneur Fella Makafui has joined hands with some twitter users to troll her husband Medikal for claiming karma is a beach. Medikal posted on his twitter page saying ‘Karma is a beach’ instead of ‘Karma is a bitch’ and that made him a laughingstock. READ ALSO: The Most Useless Job In Ghana Aside Assemblyman … Read more

Fella Makafui Shades Her Critics As She Reveals Her Nickname – Claims She’s Still Be A Virgin

Mrs. Precious Frimpong also known as Fella Makafui has shaded her critics as she reveals her nickname after claiming to be a virgin. Fella during a question and answer session with her fans on Instagram revealed that she had a lot of nicknames back in high school but her favorite is ‘back case’. READ ALSO: Ghanaian&Nigerian … Read more

“you too u p3 dem break your heart?” – Sister Derbie Given A Dose Of Her Own Medicine After She Tried To Shade Fella Makafui Once Again

It appears Sister Derbie isn’t over her breakup with Medikal who is now a married man as she continues throwing shades at him and his wife Fella Makafui. Well, social media users seem to be tired of their drama and have decided to rub it in Sister Derbie’s face asking her to get over a … Read more

Fella Makafui Throws Shade – Claims It’s Only Madness And Depression That Will Make Someone Think Others Life Is About Them

Mrs. Precious Frimpong popularly known as Fella Makafui is back with another mind-blowing shade to her haters and critics. She posted on her twitter handle shading her haters and critics claiming her life is not all about them hence, there’s nothing they will do to bother her. READ ALSO: Sarkodie Puts On Display The Inside … Read more

Medikal ‘Disgraced’ After He Was Allegedly Exposed Of Copying Drake’s Lyrics In His Diss Song ‘Nonsense’

Rapper Medikal has been heavily trolled and disgraced after he was exposed for copying international artiste Drake’s lyrics in his diss song ‘Nonsense’. Yesterday, Medikal released his much-anticipated song which was a diss directed at some popular celebrities has some a little problem with. READ ALSO: Proof Of The Real Writer Of Sista Afia’s Diss Song … Read more